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Act to add Section 4502 to the Fish and Game Code – California

Here is the breakdown of the California BlackFish bill:

The following items will be illegal when added to existing California Fish and Game Code:

  • Hold in captivity, or use, a wild-caught or captive-bred orca for performance of entertainment purposes.
  • Capture in state waters, or import from another state, any orca intended to be used for performance or entertainment purposes.
  • Breed or impregnate an orca in captivity
  • Export, collect, or import from another state the semen, other gametes, or embryos of an orca held in captivity for the purpose of artificial insemination.
  • Violation is a misdemeanor punished by a fine of $100,000 or imprisonment in county jail for six months or by both fine and imprisonment.
  • Orca held for rehabilitation or research purposes shall be returned to the wild whenever possible, and if not possible shall be held in a sea pen and not used for performance or entertainment purposes
  • Orcas held for performance or entertainment purposes prior to the enactment shall be rehabilitated and returned to the wild where possible.  If it is not possible, then those orcas to be transferred to a sea pen.
  • Until appropriate sea pens have been established, captive orcas held may be kept in existing enclosures.  Those orcas shall not be exported or used for gametes, or embryos intended for artificial insemination.

Language of the bill definition for Performance and Entertainment:

“Performance or entertainment purposes” includes, any routinely scheduled public exhibition that is characterized by music or other sound effects, choreographed display or training for that display, or unprotected contact between humans and orcas. This fact sheet discusses the issues at length and combats common PR statements made by SeaWorld.  It was prepared to help legislators learn the facts about orca in captivity by Dr. Naomi Rose. The addition of these items to the existing California fish and Game code would effectively mean the end of display, performance, transport and breeding of Orca in California.  It is on it’s face a stop order for SeaWorld to continue doing business in it’s current business model.  SeaWorld must evolve into what it has claimed to be for 50 years.  An educational based Aquarium focused on research, conservation and outreach, and stop being a water based circus with endangered species being back-bred through A.I. and shipped all over the country. You can support this action by thanking Richard Bloom.  It should also be considered that the hard work behind the scenes by the Blackfish movie team and Dr. Naomi Rose gave Mr. Bloom the scientific background necessary to propose such a sweeping action that had true merit in science. has a copy of the original CA Orca bill. SeaWorld as is their custom fired back with inflammatory statements, self-righteous indignation and back slapping.  They of course cited PETA as a ploy to incite emotion among main stream people and cloak the bill as ‘extremist’ although PETA had nothing to do with the bill. A video of the Press Conference can be FOUND HERE. At least five unscientific polls have been started by various media outlets.  Add your voice!

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