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Taiji Whale Museum indicates Albino Dolphin not Dead

Ric O’Barry ConfirmsAngel the Albino Dolphin March 8, 2014 Taiji, Japan

Many people on Twitter have been concerned about the welfare of the Albino Dolphin dubbed ‘Angel’ by advocates.  I have been in contact with Ric O’Barry today and he is on the ground in Taiji.  Ric kindly provided an Instagram photo of Angel alive and well today (March 9, 2014).

Phone calls to the Museum

Earlier the Cove Guardians as well as several Facebook posts indicated that calls to the Taiji Whale Museum have been met with a ‘She is alive, and fine’ statement.  It is doubtful however that the museum workers would have disclosed the death over the telephone had the rumor in fact been true.

Access to Japan, Taiji, and the museum has been increasingly difficult for foreigners in recent weeks as nearly every known advocate of animals has been detained, questioned, and sometimes turned back at the destination airport in Japan.  U.K. filmmaker Martyn Stewart made news when he was detained in Osaka for several hours, questioned, and kicked out of the country.

It is clear that a ‘black list’ of sorts has been developed for officials to monitor incoming visas and intercept them at the airport.

Big thanks to Ric and the Dolphin Project for always being on the scene!

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