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Seaworld Pledge 2014 Contest!

We are asking kids, up to the age of 18, to create a video explaining why they would “Take the Pledge” not to go to a Whale or Dolphin show and say the words “I won’t go to a whale or dolphin show”.

All video submissions will be reviewed and submitted to an editor who will be creating a PSA for The finished video will feature 4-6 kids in 8 second slices and the finale will be a large group of kids shouting ‘I took the Pledge’.  We will feature this video on our website and use Social Media to encourage others to take the pledge and share on their timelines.

Win an iPod!

We will be giving away an iPod to the video submission with the most up votes on our YouTube channel.  Winner announced on our Social Media pages on March 1st, so be sure to friend and follow for updates on who is trending!

What to Do
  • Create a short video of yourself Taking the Pledge.
  • You must say the pledge: “I won’t go to a whale or dolphin show” in your video.
  • Provide as many takes, props, and angles as you like.
  • Use your creativity and have fun!
  • Post your video to Instagram, Facebook, Vine, or YouTube.
  • Fan, Friend or Follow us on any Social Network where we can find your Video
  • Give us a Shout Out by tagging us and giving us a link to your Video
  • We will then Promote your Video and ask for votes!
  • Share, Share, Share your video with your friends, family, school and ask everyone to VOTE FOR ME!

Contest Rules – Deadline for all submissions is September 1, 2014

These TWO statements need to be Loud and Clear! 
  • “I took the Pledge because” (followed by your reason) Example: Dolphins should be FREE and in the SEA!
  • “I won’t GO, to a Whale or Dolphin Show!” (this is the pledge)
Tips for creating a successful Seaworld Pledge video
  • Here are some pro tips on shooting smart phone video.
  • The finished product will look similar to this video.
Have Fun
Good Luck and have FUN with it.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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