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How would an orca communicate with other orca? If an orca was in a sea pen how far would their vocalizations carry? Could a hydrophone assist them in communicating with their eco-type?

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How do orca communicate with each other?

Orcas communicate with each other by using a tissue system in their nose, their ears, and by creating their own language which is unique within each whale pod.

How far do their vocalizations carry?

A killer whale’s vocalizations can travel a mile per second in water, and depending on dialect can travel as far as 12 km and possibly farther with their pulsed calls. 

If a hydrophone was added to a sea pen could an orca in a sea pen communicate with other wild orca?

Yes orca could communicate with other orcas no matter where they were located. 

What is a hydrophone?

A hydrophone is an underwater microphone used to study communication among sea animals.