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SeaWorldPledge.Org launches pilot High School Curriculum Program

Seaworld Pledge Education CurriculumWe are pleased to announce that SeaWorld Pledge is piloting a high school education program that will focus on orca and dolphins in captivity. Starting April 14 a high school in Redmond, Oregon will begin studying the many issues surrounding the captivity of marine mammals in two global history classes. This unit will take place over a 3-week period and will culminate in over 18.75 hours of study for approximately 60 students.

This pilot program will include an interactive discussion on the recent developments of the Orca Bill AB2140 in California and will move into the study of Taiji dolphin drive hunts. Students will have a chance to process their thoughts, ask questions, voice their opinions and debate the topic.

Upon gaining a comprehensive understanding of the Taiji dolphin drive hunts, students will be required to write a comprehensive research paper that elaborates on the cause, the effect and potential solutions to the dolphin drive hunts in Japan. As part of this area of study, the classes will be viewing the Academy Award winning documentary “The Cove”.

photo1 (2)Cynthia Fernandez, a science teacher from San Francisco, and a 2 time Taiji Cove monitor for the Earth Island Institute and Save Japan Dolphins, will be speaking to both classes. Cynthia will be sharing her experiences through discussion and will be showing video’s of her trips. She will also hold a Q&A session for the students. The high school’s TV production students will also interview Ms. Fernandez.

Ric O'Barry SeaWorld Pledge Education ProgramLastly, the High School is honored to be hosting a live Skype session with Ric O’Barry of The Dolphin Project. Ric O’Barry has been working tirelessly on behalf of dolphins everywhere to end the Taiji dolphin drive hunts. Mr. O’Barry is graciously making himself available for a live Q&A session with both global history classrooms.

We are looking forward to lively student discussions as they learn about the history, science, and economics of the Orca Bill, Taiji dolphin drive hunts, the Blackfish debate, dolphinariums and many of the other issues surrounding marine mammal captivity. We hope to transform the hearts and minds of students in Redmond, Oregon.

We are extremely excited about this pilot program. It is our mission to educate youth and spread awareness of marine mammal captivity. Our goal is to make an educator tool kit available to classrooms across the country very soon.



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