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Four most important steps CA residents can take to support Assemblymember Richard Bloom’s Blackfish Bill:


Richard Bloom Blackfish Bill


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Bloom Orca Bill 2014


Copy and paste (CTRL + C) the following message:

Dear Lawmaker,

I am writing to you today to seek your support of AB 2140. This bill seeks to end the captivity, display, capture and breeding of killer whales (Orcinus orca) for the purposes of entertainment.  Any time the status quo is changed, affected interests, especially those with financial ties, will raise objections.

Claims: This measure is the handiwork of “extreme animal rights activists”, San Diego’s economy will be damaged, research on their collection benefits wild populations, and performances by cetaceans are educational and stir a deeper caring for them by the public.

I would like to state that this bill was co-sponsored by renowned marine mammal biologists, and has gained wide public support on a petition that so far has garnered over 1.5 million signatures.  This proposal demands the end of the use of orcas for entertainment and captive breeding, and not the end of SeaWorld.  Research on captive animals has little relevance to their wild counterparts. Captive orcas lack the lifespan, birth rate, territory size, social environment, and diet of those in the wild. Consider humpback whales. None are captive nor perform for the public. Most people living far from SeaWorld have never seen an orca, yet worldwide popularity for all cetaceans is prevalent. The claims of “research” and “education” by the SeaWorld makes a mockery of the valid work conducted continuously in the wild by organizations that have contributed volumes to the scientific and public understanding of marine mammals. We live in an age where information is at our fingertips. Surely this is an idea whose time has come. This step begins a new age in our existence where we conserve the dwindling natural resources of our oceans, and animals are respected and enjoyed for their natural behaviors, not for those we impose upon them.


Bloom Orca Bill 2014



  1. Locate your Assembly Member’s contact information in the right hand column below  titled “Office and Contact Information”
  2. Click on link titled “Contact Assembly Member”
  3. Copy and paste above message (CTRL + V); or write your own into the contact form.
  4. Hit send.


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Bloom Orca Bill 2014 Blackfish



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