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Mission and Strategy

by Lauren Rhone

SeaWorld Pledge Initiative

To spread awareness about marine mammals in captivity.

Our Strategy

  • Ask people of the World to “Take the Pledge” and not to go to a Whale or Dolphin Show
  • Develop curriculum and lesson plans for elementary and high school classrooms
  • Support educators by providing materials, speakers or funding for projects
  • Recommend alternatives to visiting marine parks.
  • Provide links to resources that help educate everyone on the captivity industry.

Our Philosophy on ending captivity

  • Stop all imports of Cetacean into the United States, regardless of the cause
  • Stop importing Sperm into the U.S. to further breeding programs
  • Stop breeding at Marine parks
  • Where feasible and in the best interest of the animal, reintroduce to the wild
  • Create Sanctuaries where animals not viable for release may have access to the ocean
  • Stop the trick shows
  • Require that any animal ‘rescued’ be rehabilitated and returned to the wild
  • Require indépendant 3rd party expert opinion as to the viability of release

Our Hope

YOU will be the catalyst to end Cetaceans in Captivity by declaring “I took the pledge: I won’t go to a whale or dolphin show”

That by ending the demand for captive Dolphins and Whales,  there will be no need for further capture of these precious creatures. And that this puts an end to “Drive Hunt” fisheries such as Taiji, Japan.

That those that are held in Dolphinariums, Aquariums, Tubs and Trailers and ANYWHERE but the sea can be returned to their natural habitat. Even if it is necessary in some cases for it to be a sea pen.




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